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  • Up to 100 Users
  • Hosting Included
  • Unlimited Episodes
  • Listener Analytics
  • Export Engagement Data
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  • 100 Users or More
  • Hosting Included
  • Unlimited Episodes
  • Listener Analytics
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The Storyboard Podcasts app is open for registrations.

Private Podcast Feed

We're looking for podcasters who want to deliver private episodes to their selected listeners. For the audience, they can easily stream, download, and hear your show on their phone or desktop, with the ease of traditional podcast apps.

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Podcasting for Teams

30% of Americans are now regularly listening to podcasts. However, teams and companies still largely communicate over email, where competition for attention is fierce. Want to make a podcast for your team but keep it private? Storyboard makes this easy.

Easy Listening

For your listeners, they will simply download the Storyboard App after receiving a verification code when you register. After we confirm the listener, they can download your episodes to listen in the car, on a flight, or wherever they enjoy listening to podcasts.

Whitelist Listeners

Create your Storyboard channel, and then choose the listeners who can access your show. After getting an invite, they can listen on the web or our iPhone app.

Launch a Show

After you select your listeners, you can distribute all of the shows you produce. Listeners in your private group will receive them in their feed. Best of all, your hosting is included through Storyboard.

Easy Listening

Your listeners will get to hear your shows with all of the convenience of a normal podcast app. For you, use our tools to track engagement, including how many listeners completed each show.

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Do you have a question for the Storyboard Podcasts developer team? Want to set up a demo? Please go to our Plans page to see our pricing and get started.