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Your Company Brand
Secure Streaming and Downloading
Mobile and Web Players
Comments and Listener Voicemails
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Storyboard is Best-in-Class for Private Podcasts

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Enterprise-Level Security

Password Protected Security for Every Listener

Deactivate Users to Protect Past and Future Episodes

Single Sign On and Email Verification Plans

Best-in-Class Listener Engagement

Push and Email Notifications to Promote Episodes

Listener Comment Stream for Questions and Feedback

Listener and Administrator Customer Support

Powerful Administrator Tools

Analytics on Listenership and Completion Rates

Unlimited Audio Channels for Different Audiences

Secure Episodes Linking from Your Existing Intranet

Record Audio Directly from the App


Create Content with Audio

We speak 7x faster than we can write an email or newsletter

Capture the voice and authenticity of the speaker

Easily re-record when needed to keep content fresh and accurate

An Audio Platform for Listeners. Not Just a Podcast.

Make your audio two-way with Listener Comments

Features like custom playback speeds, auto-downloads, and more

Embed secure links to episodes on your intranet that open in the app

Best-in-Class Security for Audio

Access only after successfully signing in to Storyboard

Unlike Private RSS, you can revoke user access at any time

Security Plans for Single Sign On or Email Invitations

Creator Tools for Recording and Analytics

Listener Dropoff and Completion Reports for each episode

Analyze where listeners leave or skip in an episode

Record from your own software or right in our mobile app

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