Introducing Storyboard

The App for Private Podcasts

Storyboard is the first mobile app that allows companies, teams, and organizations to use the power of podcasting, just for their internal audiences.

Beta Registration

Our app is now in beta. Sign up to get started.

We're looking for podcasters who want to deliver private episodes to their selected listeners. For the audience, they can easily stream, download, and hear your show on their phone or desktop, with the ease of traditional podcast apps.


Why Storyboard?

Podcasting for Teams

25% of Americans are now regularly listening to podcasts. However, teams and companies still largely communicate over email, where competition for attention is fierce. Want to make a podcast for your team but keep it private? Storyboard makes this easy.

Easy Listening

For your listeners, they will simply download the Storyboard App after receiving a verification code when you register. After we confirm the listener, they can download your episodes to listen in the car, on a flight, or wherever they enjoy listening to podcasts.