Single Sign On for Your Private Podcast

Need to ensure your listeners—and only your listeners—can access your content? Storyboard is ready to deliver a secure platform with a best-in-class listener experience.

Storyboard delivers a secure audio platform that makes it safe for organizations of all sizes to share private/internal podcasts and audio messages.

Storyboard Supports All Major Single Sign-On Providers

Storyboard integrates with Single Sign On to deliver a high security platform with automated provisioning for your listeners.

This includes supported integrations with:

  • SAML
  • Google gSuite
  • Microsoft Azure AD and ADFS
  • Active Directory and LDAP
  • Ping Federate
  • Open ID Connect (including Okta)

After working with Storyboard, your channel will leverage your company’s user database to securely and automatically authenticate employees as they login to the platform with their company email and password.

Automate Your Security on Storyboard

With a private podcast channel on Storyboard, you will be able to automatically enroll and deactivate employees from your company. As new employees join the company, simply point them to Storyboard where they will authenticate using the Access Single Sign On button in our mobile apps and website.

After their company login credential has been set up, they’ll be ready to use Storyboard as well. This can be a great tool for a new employee who is joining the team as they learn about key areas, the company’s culture, and more. Most importantly, you will not require any manual steps to enroll this user through Single Sign On.

Similarly, with Storyboard Pro SSO, you will automatically deactivate users without manual work for the Storyboard Administrators. When a former employee returns to the app or website, they will be unable to access past or future content that you have shared on Storyboard.

Connect Single Sign On Groups to Storyboard

One of the best reasons to choose Storyboard is the ability to build out many different podcast series across your organizations, including those that target different teams throughout the company.

You can expand your private channels even further by connecting Storyboard with internal Groups. For instance, if you wish to create a Storyboard Group limited only to users with a SAML attribute of “Sales” for their job function, this will allow you to publish certain episodes exclusively to those in the Sales team.

This is a phenomenal way to expand how you are using Storyboard and create an internal podcast feed that features many different voices across the company.