Storyboard is the go-to private podcast and audio platform for teams around the world.

With easy to use iPhone, Android, and web platforms, Storyboard makes it easy to create and manage how your team communicates at every step of the journey. Our trusted features include:

Enterprise-Level Security

Teams trust Storyboard to keep internal updates safe and secure. Choose from options like Single Sign On integration to automate user management or manual invitations to individually manage each listener’s access to your channel.

All-In-One Production

Storyboard provides all of the tools you need to take your podcast from start to finish. Our easy to use web and app platforms make it easy to record, edit, share, and refine your content—all in one place.

Two-Way Engagement

Storyboard is the only private podcast platform with built in channels for two-way engagement. Interact with team members through Storyboard Comments or receive Listener Call-Ins to respond to your content.


Storyboard provides all of the tools you need to take your podcast from start to finish. Our easy to use web and app platforms make it easy to record, edit, share, and refine your content—all in one place.

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For Enterprise

Security for Enterprise and Groups

Need to ensure your listeners—and only your listeners—can access your content? Storyboard is your best choice.

Storyboard delivers a secure audio platform that makes it safe for organizations of all sizes to share private/internal podcasts and audio messages.

Companies and Large Organizations:

Storyboard integrates with Single Sign On to deliver a high security platform with automated provisioning for your listeners.

This includes supported integrations with:

  • SAML
  • Google gSuite
  • Microsoft Azure AD and ADFS
  • Active Directory and LDAP
  • Ping Federate
  • Open ID Connect (including Okta)
Access Codes for Small Teams

Small Teams and Content Creators

Don’t need Single Sign On? Invite your listeners to Storyboard by email. Manage new users and remove past listeners from an easy-to-use Admin Portal.

To join, listeners will receive a 6-digit code with instructions on how to access Storyboard through our mobile app or website. Need to remove past users? Simply delete them from your “My Users Tab” to deactivate a listener.

Directly Record on Storyboard

Storyboard isn’t just a platform for hosting. We’re here to help you and your team create content that sticks

Our goal is to make it extraordinarily simple for anyone to create and produce podcasts. We help to make production easy at every step along the way. Your users can record audio messages, trim and edit content, and publish episodes directly through the Storyboard mobile app and website, with no additional software or subscriptions needed.

Prefer to work with your own recording software? Upload the completed episode file in your Admin Portal, and your audio file will be published to your Storyboard listeners.

Storyboard will help you continually improve content over time, with features like listener feedback and engagement reports, and reports from our team on best practices from around the world. The sky is the limit as you unlock the creativity of your team through audio communication.

Unlimited Groups

Storyboard offers more than just a “podcast feed.” Customize the listener experience and keep teams connected with Groups.

With Storyboard Pro, there is no limit to the number of creative channels where you can leverage audio.

Storyboard creates a highly customized and tailored feed for each of your listeners. With Groups, you can control content channels and create team conversations on your own, or assign team Administrators in your Admin Portal.

Listeners will only receive notifications from their subscribed Groups —ensuring sensitive content stays secure and protected.

Seamlessly Link and Embed Content

Podcasts are made to be shared. So is Storyboard. Our universal platform is designed to make sharing simple, while increasing your engagement up to 30%.

Whether your listeners have an iPhone or an Android, an app or a web browser, Storyboard makes the sharing experience seamless. Each episode comes with a universal link that can be embedded on any online platform to make sharing easyIn other words, stop wasting time finding the right link and start reaching your listeners where they are.

Push and Email Notifications

Don’t just publish episodes. Promote your content with Storyboard Push and Email Notifications.

Storyboard’s mobile application helps to drive engagement by delivering Push Notifications to your listeners as soon as new episodes are released. For Storyboard Pro accounts using Groups, administrators can enable push notifications to select teams to manage content access.

Want to further expand the impact of your channel? Opt to send an automated email when you release a new episode. Every email is customizable to allow Administrators to promote a new show where you can write up your own description to connect with your audience.

Reporting and Analytics

Storyboard is the only private podcast platform that provides an in-depth breakdown of the listener experience. Upgrade your team’s internal communication with next level insights that show you how, when, and where your team engages with every episode

Storyboard is more than a podcast platform -- it’s an opportunity to unlock the creativity of teams and enrich connections through audio communication. On Storyboard Pro plans, administrators will receive a detailed Analytics report with each new show, including:

  • Completion Reports: view the number of users who start and complete each episode
  • Listener Dropoff Reports: analyze where listeners drop off minute-by-minute in an episode
  • Listener Comments: make your audio bi-directional with feedback, questions, and opportunities to increase future engagement