Why should I start a Private Podcast?

Hundreds of organizations now trust Storyboard to host and distribute their private podcasts. In this article, we’ll dive deeper on what a “private podcast” means on Storyboard and describe when it makes sense to actually start one.

Traditional Podcasts vs. Private Podcasts

Podcasts, of course, are an increasingly common part of the media landscape. While they all certainly have a similar foundation -- an audio file -- podcasts range in topics and types from news to sports to celebrity interviews. You may be thinking of your personal favorite podcast.

Traditional podcast apps do an excellent job distributing that type of podcast. However, as the medium has grown, many people now want to use the power of podcasting for a private audience, like their company, non-profit, or another organization. In this type of case, if a podcaster released their podcast using an RSS feed, any listener potentially could access the content, even if it contained private or sensitive information that only should be shared with an internal audience.

That is where Storyboard comes into play. With Storyboard, your podcast is distributed to listeners who you have specifically invited and verified as members of your feed. After a listener downloads the Storyboard app or comes to our website, they will be asked to login before they can see or download your “feed” of episodes.

In summary, if you are creating a podcast show or series that can be shared publicly, we suggest you go with one of the many public podcast hosts. However, if you want to create a show only available for a targeted audience (like the employees at your company or a field sales team), Storyboard is likely the perfect fit for you.

What Types of Podcasts do Companies create

We dive further into this question in the linked article below, but the short answer is: our clients take their podcasts in many creative directions.

For example, for our Enterprise podcasters, some very successful series include:

Interviews with top performers to tell the story of what makes them successful

Updates from a company’s leadership delivered in an interview or podcast format

“Daily” style podcasts covering major internal events like Town Halls in an easy-to-listen format

Trainings and educational materials that employees can listen to on the go

This is just a small sample as you craft your podcast vision.