Storyboard Podcasts Newsletter: April

Improved iPhone App and New Pro Tier Features

April 8, 2019

Hi there, We've had an exciting month at Storyboard (, which included launching our Pro Tier with advanced Analytics, rolling out a new version of our iPhone app, and much more. Here are the key updates for April to help you get the most out of your private podcast feed.

iPhone App: New Version with Easier Access to Your Podcast

Your listeners have two ways to listen to your podcasts: either by streaming on our website or downloading 5-star rated Storyboard Podcasts from the Apple store. Our newest version for April has key enhancements including: - Simple Sign-In: Invited listeners can now input their access code from the first screen without searching for your show; - Progress Tracking: Want to use the app for staff development? Listeners now can see badges under each episode marking whether it is "In Progress" or "Complete." - Private Feedback for Podcasters: Receive episode-by-episode feedback on your shows from listeners. Users have a feedback button in the app for each episode, and you'll see the data privately on your podcast dashboard. Head to to invite listeners or launch a new podcast. You can use our free tier for up to 100 listeners, and your hosting is included.

Pro Tier is Live: Serve Large Audiences with Advanced Analytics

Do you want to target over 100 listeners for your organization or company? With the Storyboard Pro Tier, you can bring private podcasts to your large audience while delivering security and a great listener experience. The Pro Tier is now available for sign-up, and we've launched our Advanced Analytics system. First and foremost, you can now enable Listener Engagement, which includes an episode-by-episode report to see which listeners have accessed your shows (and even who completed them). We hope this will empower organizations to leverage podcasts for staff development and improve their content while tracking engagement. We have many more Pro Tier features in the pipeline, and you can get started with a quote today. Thank you for joining Storyboard. As always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback as we work to bring the power of audio to organizations like yours.