Storyboard Pro for Enterprises

Storyboard has now launched its Pro Tier. Like our Starter Plan, you will be able to enroll listeners to access your private podcasts through our iPhone app and web player here at

My private podcast will be available to 500 listeners in my organization.

Accounts in Organization
Monthly Pricing
0-2000 Accounts
$1.00 / user
2001-4000 Accounts
$.75 / user
5000+ Accounts

The Pro Tier offers our full suite of features, which includes:

  • Publishing unlimited episodes to your Organization
  • Access to your private feed on our iPhone app and web player
  • Access to your feed on our Android App
  • Listener Analytics showing users who started and completed each show
  • Private feedback dashboard with comments from your listeners
  • Free 14 Day Trial
  • Send shows to selected groups within your organization (Coming Soon)