Why Storyboard?

Private Audio for Your Team

Storyboard is the first podcast app built just for teams and organizations who want to host private audio. While there are many great podcast apps out there for casual listeners, none of them are built to make it easy to share a podcast with a group of specific users. However, Storyboard does just that.

Using our app, you can select your team and publish episodes that will be distributed directly to them (and no one else). This makes it possible to bring podcasts to your organization or workplace, while still providing the easy listening experience that you would expect from any other podcast app. Storyboard makes it simple to connect with your team through the power of audio.

Start Podcasting

How Does It Work?

Pick Your Users, Then Podcast

How Does It Work for the User?

Example Use: Company Updates

Keep Your Team Connected

Acme Technologies tries to keep their employees updated on new initiatives with weekly emails, but they are not well read. The team is busy and it's easy to skip over these newsletters. With Storyboard, they begin recording their newsletter and publishing to the app on Monday mornings. In a podcast format, the team can listen on the go, like when they are driving to work or flying.